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„Musiker zu sein bedeutet, den Weg der Weiterentwicklung zu beschreiten, Muster zu überwinden - Täler und Höhen hinter sich zu lassen - immer auf der Suche nach dem, was man nicht finden kann…”

Martin Stolz


"To be a musician means following the path of development, overcoming patterns - leaving valleys and heights behind - always looking for what could not be found... "

Martin Stolz

New Material...

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Blues Play-Alongs

This play-along helps you to practice the simple Blues (V-IV-I-Ending) in all 12 keys! Included are 12 tracks in mp3 format as well as an interactive* pdf with the audio files integrated. You can choose them easily by selecting the key through the circle of fifths on the first page. You can then select between concert, Bb and Eb instruments.

*Adobe Acrobat Reader® needed for audio functionality!

Blues Scale Solo Alto

Learn how to use the blues scale by call & response.
I play 2 bars and then you answer within 2 bars. You can either play what I did - a good ear training - or just play something inspired by me…

Autumn Leaves Tenor

Autumn Leaves in smooth Latin groove with a transcribed solo for tenor saxophone in the key of concert G minor.
Included is a sheet with the melody and solo, a listening sample and a play-along version for tenor saxophone.

Girl from Ipanema Cl.

Play „The Girl from Ipanema“ including a transcribed solo with your clarinet!