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Martin Stolz online lessons

Online Lessons · available in English and German!

The new feature "Online Lessons“ goes back to my experiences with my students during the Corona crisis. I had to build a online teaching system within days to still earn money. It turned out that "Microsoft Teams / One Note“ is the most practical solution for this. Therefore I have an education license for this service. Every student gets an "Office 365“ license from me as long as I teach him.

This way the student has access to all of the software needed. The lesson then is a video call in combination with a Onenote classbook. In this classbook I provide the student with all the material needed for the lesson. As well I can make notes in his documents and write additional information in the sheets in real time…

All you need is a tablet (iPad/Android device) or a laptop/desktop and a different device to play music  from (over a bluetooth speaker or stereo) and of course a stable internet connection.

The pricing for each lesson is 1$/€ per minute. If you book 30 minutes the fee is 30$/€.

You can book the lesson in my shop. Click here to book a lesson. The minimum time of a lesson is 20 minutes the maximum time is 60 minutes.


"Question & Answer" English tutorials on Youtube

These ”Youtube - livestream”  tutorials give you the opportunity to ask me questions about music theory, improvisation & more. Each live tutorial is limited to 5 participantes. After you booked a tiket, I’ll put you in the list of viewers for the private video on Youtube. You can then ask me questions via the chat. Each session lasts round about 45 minutes and is in English (although I’m not a native speaker, I think we will mange that…)
As well there is a dropbox folder to send documents during the session. This folder then will be online for a few days to give you the chance to download my material, that I put in there. Keep in mind: You can only see the video when you booked a ticket, since I decide who can see it or not,

It is important, that you have a Youtube (Google) account to use this service!

 Monday, 30th of March · 9.00 pm (German time)


 Tuesday, 31th of March · 9.00 pm (German time)